Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Get Into Paris by Train

The subway line named RER B will get you started. I had to get from Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2 to the Luxembourg Metro Station.

The most excellent website helped a lot but it was really pretty simple. Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2 is the last stop on the line. You can only go one way.

After picking up your baggage, you'll see overhead signs saying "Paris by Train". Follow these to a main concourse leading down to the trains. Ticket machines are located there and on the left of the escalator is a bureau with real-live attendants to help you. ( It helps to do a bit of research ahead of time via 's very useful website to determine what you need).

With ticket in hand  - go through the turnstiles by entering your ticket (and retrieving it). The RER B train line runs north-south through the centre of Paris terminating at Orly Airport. You can only head one way - downtown.

I really recommend checking out the Paris By Train site.  It was a big help. Thanks to them for the above picture.

Bonne Chance!


  1. Bonne Chance is right...the first time we took the train into Paris they went on strike during our ride and we were all dumped out at Gare du Nord..welcome to Paris..this year the trains were'nt running on the weekends due to we took a taxi...luckily it was on expense since it was $$ but what a fun way to get into town...we had an english speaking chinese lady driver who took us all over the place..and the streets were empty on a Sunday morning...she was great even if I did have to tell her what side of Monteparnesse to get on for our hotel's street...

    one day we will get the RER B line were lucky madame...:)

  2. Hi Debbie, I read about your taxi trip on your blog and thought of you while I was headed downtown.

    The unions struck big-time while I was there. Later I'll bore everybody with the agonizing
    5 hours it took me to get back from Auvers. (It should have taken an hour and a half). I took a taxi to the airport because I couldn't trust the RER not to let me down.

    But all in all it's usually simple.

  3. I agree..when it's working's great..we should have the same thing here...

    I have to get back to my blog...been too lazy and busy at the same time...more to come...

    you keep em coming! and have a good weekend